Why Choose Shell Commercial Fuels

Price Risk Management

Gasoline price fluctuations can cause business delays and uncertainty, making it difficult to anticipate fuel costs even a month in advance. As a result, implementing comprehensive price risk management tailored to your needs can substantially impact your financial security today and in the future.

We offer competitive contracts with price stability to help you manage your fuel price risk and secure your business with our market-leading position in the energy industry.

Your partner of choice

Our trading professionals can assist you in managing your fuel price risk, from determining your needs and developing appropriate hedging programs to ensuring financial stability and predictable future revenues.

Our price risk management contracts – how you can benefit

  • Better margin and budget protection 
  • More effective cost management, simpler cash flow forecasting 
  • Providing a safety net against price variation 
  • Finally, competitive advantage through price stability

Reducing your total cost of ownership

Higher costs and reduced margins are placing pressure on your company to become more efficient. Our energy solutions can help you reduce the total cost of ownership of your fleet or equipment by lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

We can assist you in achieving your business goals today and in the future by working together.

Your fleet's total cost of ownership comprises not just the cost of gasoline but also the following:

  • The possible increase expenditures as a result of poor fuel selection.
  • The overall cost of proper maintenance and business operations.
  • The possibility for component life to be decreased as a result of improper maintenance.
  • Other fuel-related variable costs include leaks, handling/dispensing, administration, training, and so on.