Industrial Fuel Oil

Shell FuelOil Extra

Shell FuelOil Extra is our advanced heavy fuel oil for use in boilers and other equipment for generating heat and energy in manufacturing operations and processes. Shell FuelOil Extra can help improve the reliability and the performance of the entire boiler system, from the storage tank right to the chimney.

Shell FuelOil Extra is designed to:

  • help improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%**;
  • lower particulate emissions and black smoke by up to 70%**;
  • reduce maintenance;
  • help increase equipment reliability; and
  • help lower CO2 emissions.

Lower operating costs

Shell Fuel Oil Extra are designed to help improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%1 and in turn reduce fuel oil consumption.

Lower local emissions

You can lower particulate emissions and black smoke by up to 70%1, without the need to tune your boiler or equipment, which may impact its efficiency. This, in turn, helps meet local legislative requirements and minimises the risk of fines.

Lower CO₂ emissions

Shell Fuel Oil Extra work to promote more efficient combustion and, in turn, help reduce CO2 emissions1.

Reduced maintenance

Thanks to their ‘keep clean’ component,Shell Fuel Oil Extra can make cleaning of your fuel system, boiler or low-speed engine, and flue-gas system and chimneys easier and less frequent, helping you save on maintenance costs.

Improved reliability and performance

With better combustion and improved heat transfer, your entire heat or power generation system can run more efficiently and reliably, leading to increased productivity for your business.